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Roller Coaster Designers

Below you’ll find links to Roller Coaster & Ride Designers web sites along with links to their Wikipedia entries.

Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M)
from Wikipedia: Bolliger & Mabillard Consulting Engineers (more commonly known as B&M) is a roller coaster design consultancy based in Monthey, Switzerland. The company was founded in 1988 by Walter Bolliger and Claude Mabillard, with Bolliger acting as president and Mabillard as vice-president. Since 1990, B&M have built over 70 roller coasters around the world and have pioneered several new ride technologies, most notably the inverted roller coaster. Read the full entry.

From Wikipedia: Gerstlauer Amusement Rides GmbH is a German manufacturer of stationary and transportable amusement rides and roller coasters, located in Münsterhausen, Germany. Read the full entry.

Gravity Group
from Wikipedia: The Gravity Group, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, is an American based roller coaster design firm. The firm was founded in 2002 out of the engineering team of the famed but now defunct Custom Coasters International. Read the full wiki.

Great Coasters International (GCI)
From Wikipedia: Great Coasters International, Inc. (GCI) is a Sunbury, Pennsylvania-based roller coaster manufacturer which has created several award-winning rides. Starting with Hersheypark’s Wildcat (1996) through rides like Dollywood’s Thunderhead (2004), GCI has a dedication to speed, thrills, and new technology. Read the full wiki.

HUSS Rides
From Wikipedia: HUSS Park Attractions is a company specialising in the development and manufacture of amusement rides, and is based in Bremen, Germany. HUSS have designed over 35 different types of amusement rides installed worldwide. Read the full entry.

Intamin AG
From Wikipedia: Intamin AG is a designing and manufacturing company in Wollerau, Switzerland. It is best known for creating thrill rides and roller coasters worldwide. The U.S. division of the company is located in Glen Burnie, Maryland, and is headed by Gary Palmer, MD and Arnold Bernsteiner. The Intamin brand name is an abbreviation for: INTernational AMusement INdustries. Read the full entry.

MACK Rides
From Wikipedia: MACK Rides is a German company that designs and constructs roller coasters. The family that owns the company also owns Europa Park. Read the full entry.

Chance Morgan
From Wikipedia: Chance Morgan, a roller coaster and amusement ride manufacturer, was formed in 2001 with the merger of Chance Industries (a ride manufacturer) and D. H. Morgan Manufacturing (a roller coaster manufacturer). Read the full wiki.

S&S Power
From Wikipedia: S&S Power is company known for its pneumatically powered rides and roller coaster designing. Read the full entry.

Tivoli Enterprises
From Wikipedia: Tivoli Enterprises is known for building thrilling amusement rides. Born in England, this company was started by Richard Woolls. Amtech International acts as a representative for the American companies who want to buy their rides in the U.S. Read the full wiki.

From Wikipedia: Vekoma Rides Manufacturing B.V. is a roller coaster and thrill ride designer with its facilities based in the Netherlands. The company was founded in 1926 by Hendrik op het Veld under the name “Veld Koning Machinefabriek” (Veld Koning machine factory) and had first manufactured agricultural machinery and mining equipment. Read the full wiki.

Zamperla Rides
From Wikipedia: Zamperla Rides is a designing and manufacturing company in Vicenza, Italy. It is best known for creating thrill rides and roller coasters worldwide. The company also makes smaller coin operated rides commonly found inside shopping malls. Read the full wiki.

Past Roller Coaster Designers

Arrow Dynamics
From Wikipedia: Arrow Dynamics was a roller coaster design company based in Clearfield, Utah, United States. In 2002, the company went bankrupt but was quickly bought by fellow amusement ride manufacturer S&S Power to form S&S Arrow. During its peak, Arrow Dynamics was responsible for some of the biggest and most influential advancements in the roller coaster industry. Read the full wiki.

Anton Schwarzkopf
From Wikipedia: Anton Schwarzkopf (1924–2001) was a prolific and very highly regarded German engineer of amusement rides, and founder of the Schwarzkopf Industries company, which built numerous rides and large roller coasters for both amusement parks and travelling funfairs. Read the full wiki.

Custom Coasters International CCI
From Wikipedia: Custom Coasters International (CCI) was one of the premier wooden roller coaster manufacturers in the world and produced more wooden coasters in recent times than any other company. Founded by Denise Dinn Larrick (daughter of coaster designer Charles Dinn) and Randy Larrick in 1991, Custom Coasters International went on to design 34 wooden coasters, some of which still remain very highly rated. Read the full entry.

From Wikipedia: Giovanola was one of the prominent thrill ride manufacturers in the world, until it went bankrupt in 2004. It was well known for thrill rides and also built electrical power stations, water storage tanks, pipelines, highway bridges, and many other steel products. Read the full entry.

From Wikipedia: TOGO was a Japanese roller coaster design company, famous for inventing the stand-up roller coaster. TOGO went bankrupt in the early 2000s due to a lawsuit by Knott’s Berry Farm for problems with their Windjammer roller coaster. Read the full entry.

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