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Online theme park communities connect enthusiasts virtually and in person through park meetups. Clubs, like ACE, hold special events where members can receive group discounts and more importantly exclusive ride time (ERT).

Internet Groups & Communities
Roller Coaster Google Group
A usenet from Google that inexplicably goes all the way back to 1991!

Flickr: Roller Coaster Group
A group of users that have submitted roller coaster images to Flickr.

Flickr: Theme Park & Amusment Park Group
More than 12,000 images submitted by the 1,300 members.

Facebook: People Who Love Roller Coasters
The largest roller coaster fan group on Facebook.

MySpace: Roller Coasters Rock
A MySpace large group for roller coaster enthusiasts founded in 2004.

Yahoo! Group Roller Coaster Talk
A long running Yahoo! Group for coaster enthusiasts.

Roller Coaster Clubs
American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE)
Club TPR
Coaster Crew
Coaster Fanatics
European Coaster Club
Florida Coaster Club
Roller Coaster Club of Great Britain

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