Ravine Flyer II at Waldameer

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Ravine Flyer II at WaldameerWaldameer (Web Site)
Erie, Pennsylvania
United States of America
2009 Wooden Golden Ticket Awards Rank: 6th (Winners)
2009 Wooden Internet Coaster Poll Rank: 5th (Poll Results)

Ravine Flyer II Stats from RCDB
Year Born: 2008
Length: 2,900′
Height: 80′
Drop: 115′
Speed: 57 mph
Duration: 1:30
Make: Gravity Group Wooden Coaster
Layout: Twister with a Terrain Layout
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Ravine Flyer II Images
Image above courtesy of Coaster Image | View more pictures of Ravine Flyer II | Aerial View

Built on the site of the old Ravine Flyer, Ravine Flyer II crosses a four lane highway near the shores of Lake Erie.

Ravine Flyer II’s Wikipedia Page
Ravine Flyer II is a hybrid wooden roller coaster that is located at Waldameer Park in Erie, Pennsylvania, United States. It was the largest wooden roller coaster built in the United States in 2008. The Ravine Flyer II took place of the park’s old Ravine Flyer, which was taken down in 1938. Initial concepts for the replacement ride were developed by Larry Bill and Charles Dinn of Custom Coasters International in the early 1990s, further developed by Dennis McNulty several years later, then finalized and constructed by The Gravity Group with Jeff Mason overseeing construction. Read the full entry.

Ravine Flyer II POV Video

Watch this Ravine Flyer II POV Video on YouTube.
Note – This video was filmed by professionals with permission from the park.
For safety reasons, please DO NOT take a camera on a roller coaster.

Ravine Flyer II Reviews & Ratings
The Coaster Critic’s Blog
I’d been excited for Ravine Flyer II since I learned about it last winter. It’s the product of 15 years of work, planning, and local politics. The Gravity Group designed hybrid woodie was my top pick for the new coasters opening in 2008. The New York Times even quoted me when I dubbed it the “Sleeper Hit of 2008″. So needless to say I was looking forward to getting to Waldameer Park in Erie, PA to see if Ravine Flyer II was as good as expected. Rating: 10/10 “Superior”

Theme Park Critic
Average Rating: 4.75/5

Coaster Grotto
Average Rating: 9.4/10

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